Out of Smoke? This new start-up will also deliver cigarettes after midnight!

Bangalore: Is It Time To Call It A Day? This new startup have come up with new ecommerce business delivering Cigarette in Bangalore, Chennai, Pune.

In Bangalore, grabbing a beer after work or going to a friend’s apartment for drinking is so regular that we do it every other day. And, of course, with liquor comes the need to smoke. Remember those times when it was too late in the night to go out and buy a pack, or when you just needed a few drags after performing the deed (Oh, please!). We know you were thinking about it and the stores were closed. Don’t worry, Ciggywala will come to your assistance.

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Ciggywala: CIgarette Delivery Bangalore

Bangalore is known as a start-up hub, and a Bangalorean came up with the concept of late-night cigarette delivery when he was desiring one in the early hours of the morning. Simply said, you may now have smokes delivered to your house between the hours of 10 p.m. and 3 a.m., and they will arrive in 20 minutes.

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To make things even easier, you may order not only through their website, but also through Whatsapp or their Facebook page. We must point out that laziness comes at a cost, and in this case, that cost is 13.34 percent convenience fee and Rs. 40 in delivery charges. But, hey, considering what you’re already spending for smoking, it’s a tiny amount to pay.

Price Of Some Cigarette

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