This Founder Was Pushed Out Before His First Startup Reached Unicorn Status. Here’s How He’s Using That Experience to Build His Second.

Eli Harris is the founder of disinfection company R-Zero.

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James McKinney’s guest this week is Eli Harris, the co-founder of disinfection company R-Zero. Harris’s first startup, EcoFlow, raised more than $100 million in its Series B round of funding and has reached unicorn status according to CBInsights. Unfortunately, Harris was pushed out of EcoFlow two years ago, meaning that he did not get to truly enjoy all of the success that came after. 

With his second startup, R-Zero, Harris hopes to capitalize on that experience and reinvigorate what he sees as an archaic and tired disinfection industry. In this interview, he talks about how he processed and leveraged that traumatic experience to strengthen him for the next chapter of his startup journey, as well as the historic effect COVID has had on the way we think about personal security and wellness.

Check out a preview of the interview above, or listen to the full podcast here

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