Bihar lockdown Update: CM Nitish Kumar announces a lockdown in Bihar till June 8, with certain benefits for businesses.

With some passivity, the Disaster Management Group meeting ended the lockdown. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has declared that Lockdown-4 will be implemented with few changes. From May 26 to June 1, the state was under lockdown -3. Read Full Guideline.

State Bureau, Patna Latest updates on the Bihar lockdown: Because the number of cases of corona virus in Bihar is reducing, the lockdown has been extended for one week, till June 8, 2021. In the meanwhile, the company is receiving extra discounts. Lockdown-4 will go into effect on June 2nd. Nitish Kumar, the Chief Minister, announced the news on Twitter.

It was sealed after a meeting of the Disaster Management Group, convened by Chief Secretary Tripurari Sharan, reviewed the lockdown. Following this, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar declared that the lockdown will be increased with some relaxation. The extent of the exemption will be expanded this time. Lockdown-3, which is currently available, will expire on June 1st.

Explain that the lockdown was -1 until May 15. The lockdown lasted from May 16 to May 25. From the 26th of May to the 1st of June, there was Lockdown-3. There have been extremely few cases of Kovid in Bihar this year. 1475 new cases were reported from around the state on Sunday. Aside from that, the administration has opted to strengthen the lockdown with various exemptions in response to business class demand, in order to turn the state’s economic wheel around.

This will be the new guideline

  • Shops will now open in Bihar from 6 am to 2 pm.
  • Many government offices were allowed to open and start functioning with a 25 per cent presence.
  • Apart from essential shops like milk, fruits, vegetables, meat and fish etc., agricultural shops will open daily.
  • Electronic establishments will open alternate day.
  • DM will fix the relaxation in lockdown and opening of shops in every district
  • As before, all educational institutions and private offices will also be closed.
  •  For the time being, all religious events will also be closed.

Covid EPass For Bihar or Any Other State

Children who have lost their parents due to Covid get Rs.1500 every month.

Nitish Kumar, the Chief Minister of Bihar, has promised financial aid for children who have lost their parents as a result of Kovid. They will be handed Rs. 1,500. The Ball Assistance Scheme will provide assistance to children who have been orphaned as a result of corona. Nitish Kumar, the Chief Minister of Bihar, announced the information on Twitter. ‘Rs per month for children who have lost their parents due to corona, with a total of Rs 1,500 in aid. If one of the parents passes away, this plan kicks in. The youngsters will receive cash aid every month till they reach the age of 18,” Nitish Kumar tweeted.

Children who have become orphans without guardians will also be taken to the children’s home, according to CM Nitish Kumar. Females who have become orphans will be given preference in the residential school for girls, according to Kasturba Gandhi.

Corona cases in Bihar, on the other hand, have been dropping for a few days. Bihar has lately registered 1,491 corona cases, according to the state medical department. The overall number of cases now stands at 7.04 lakh. The fresh corona claimed the lives of 48 more individuals, increasing the total number of persons murdered to 5,052. Last week, 600 people died in Bihar as a result of corona illness. On the other hand, in Bihar, which has a population of about 13 crore, more than 1.03 crore people have been vaccinated against Covid so far.

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