Over 200 rooms earmarked for Covid-positive students at IITH

The Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad (IITH) has stated that as on Thursday, January 13, there are 112 Covid-19 positive cases and all of them have been isolated into separate isolation areas.

In a release here, the IITH stated that only double vaccinated students have been invited to the IITH campus and 211 rooms for isolation are kept ready and they will be increasing this number based on the requirement.

“Almost all the reported cases are either mild or asymptomatic and are showing good signs of recovery within 4-5 days. Sanitisation/disinfection of isolation facility/washrooms are being carried out at regular intervals. We currently have six well-qualified medical doctors and nine staff nurses serving the IITH community (24×7) on a rotation basis. We have recruited four additional staff nurses exclusively for monitoring the covid cases. The food and medicines for all the covid affected students are being delivered directly by the attenders (with necessary covid protocols),” informed the IITH stating that the period of isolation is 7 days from the date of testing. Students of the same pod (if one of the students is found positive, his or her primary/secondary contacts) are being quarantined for two days and they are advised to undergo testing if symptomatic.

“Rapid antigen testing/RT-PCR is being carried by PHC Kandi/Government hospital, Sangareddy. Samples for the RT-PCR test for campus residents are also collected by Apollo diagnostic and strict restrictions are being imposed at entry and exit gates to contain the spread. Two ambulances (including ICU on Wheels) are available 24×7 for all emergency situations (including shifting of cases to higher centers, as and when required). All offline activities have been suspended and the semester is happening in a completely online mode. Many students (who are unaffected) have already vacated the campus (around 600 students). We are converting the vacated hostel blocks to isolation facilities,” said the IITH release.

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