World Oceans Day 2021 is celebrated at Tuesday 08

ISLAMABAD, June 6, 2021 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News) : On June 8 (Tuesday), World Oceans Day will be observed across the world, including in Pakistan, to promote awareness of the importance of the sea as a source of food, oxygen, and medicine.

It was first acknowledged by the United Nations (UN) in 2008, and it is celebrated every year on June 8th.

The oceans of the world need our protection.

To celebrate World Oceans Day, a variety of events will be held throughout the world. In 2010, the Ocean Project, one of the organising agencies, listed over 300 events in 45 countries.

Photo contests, fossil searching treks, seminars, and performances were among the events. Every World Oceans Day is given a different topic. “Youth: The Next Wave for Change” is the topic for 2012. The seas play a crucial role in the survival of life on Earth. They were “the lungs of our world,” according to the United Nations, “supplying most of the oxygen we breathe, as well as a key source of food and medicines and a crucial aspect of the ecosystem.” Pollution, overfishing, and other types of exploitation have posed a significant threat to marine environments in recent decades.

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5 Things You Can Do To Save Our Oceans.

One of the most major cause to ocean pollution is plastic. It has a destructive effect on marine life. In honour of World Oceans Day 2021, we’ve created a list of five ways you can make a personal commitment to safeguarding the oceans.

1 Switch To Reusable Bottles

You will not only preserve the ocean, which swallows a megaton of plastic bottles each year, but you will also save a lot of money by using a reusable bottle. When there are eco-friendly, cost-effective alternatives on the market, there is no reason to use plastic.

2. Reduce Your Carbon Foot-Print

Did you know that half of our oxygen is produced by marine plants, which are found in our oceans? These plants are dying as a result of climate change. Plants can be saved from dying as a result of hotter climates if we reduce our carbon footprint and transition to more sustainable lifestyles.

3. Avoid Ocean Harming Cosmetic Products

The beauty business produces a lot of garbage that ends up in the water, and it’s nearly hard to get rid of it. Microbeads and microplastics found in cosmetics and packaging are impossible to remove from the waters. Cosmetics include harmful compounds that leak into drains and wind up in seas, harming the ecosystem and causing aquatic fatalities.

4. Stop Littering and Clean up the Beach

You don’t have to wait for international leaders to take up the cause of cleaning up our seas; instead, you can carpe-diem and lead. Clean up the beaches in your neighbourhood by organising a cleaning drive with your neighbours.

5. Use Re-Usable Bags

Every year, plastic bags kill over a hundred thousand aquatic animals. Avoid the extinction of aquatic creatures by switching to reusable bags. The topic for World Oceans Day 2021 is “The Ocean: Life and Livelihoods,” which focuses on the ocean’s life and livelihood. Oceans encompass 71% of the earth’s surface, providing home for plants, animals, and other species. We must prevent the increasing destruction of our seas.

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