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Filmmaker Vikram Bhatt, who has entertained the audience with his movies especially horror-thrillers, recently spoke exclusively to ETimes. During the chat, we asked Vikram Bhatt about Alia Bhatt getting trolled for releasing the ‘Gangubai’ trailer amidst the pandemic. Reacting to the same, the filmmaker said, “As we speak, even now I am getting trolled by a lot of people over here. But the skin of an entertainer should be thick. In earlier days, where there used to be plays, and when people wouldn’t like it they would throw rotten tomatoes on the artistes, and the same people, if they would like the play, they would throw flowers, sometimes even chappals. We are ‘bhaand beraazi’; bhaand people should understand that our work is only this. People will either throw stones or flowers, but people will throw something or the other, so be ready. If one wants fame and one wants people to meet them and like them, there will be some people who will not like them too”.

Having said that, the filmmaker also admits that some trolls only indulge in such behaviour because of the response it elicits. “They don’t believe in it but they say it for the heck of it. A lot of people in cinema hall stalls end up saying such things; when there is a kissing scene, people scream, ‘Aye Pappi Le Li (He kissed her)’ and I have grown up in such stalls. Agar log log nahi rahenge toh, humaari filmein kaun dekhega (If these people don’t exist, who will watch our films?). But I must tell you that these people praise you as well when they love your work. I don’t give importance to trolling. But I don’t log on to Twitter because I feel over there people go to abuse you only,” he stated.

We went on to ask the filmmaker about his brother Mahesh Bhatt getting trolled for supporting Rhea Chakraborty in Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case. Vikram said, “He’s not my brother, but my guru. It’s his nature to help people. People enjoy saying whatever they wish to say; I cannot change his nature. I don’t tell others, even if he’s my guru that he shouldn’t react in a certain way. I myself ask the trolls to troll me.”

On the work front, Vikram is currently focusing on his web series, ‘Anamika’

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