New dates announced at the 2021 Free Fire World Championship

Singapore’s 2021 Free Fire World Championship Series is scheduled for May 28. On May 30th, the play-ins will accompany the finals. Garena announced earlier that it would re-arrange its forthcoming Free Fire World Championship Series (FFWS 2021 SG). The COVID-19 situation across the globe and the health and security of those concerned will be taken into account

The Free Fire World Series 2021 in Singapore will feature 18 teams from 11 different countries. The play-ins begin on May 28 and will feature nine teams competing for the top three spots in the Finals. “Preserving the health and welfare of all concerned remains a high priority. The date was changed to suit the worldwide pandemic scenario as well as local public health protocols, according to Garena.

Teams from India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan will be given a share of the prize pool to “recognise the teams’ contributions and success in qualifying for the World Series” because they were unable to reach Singapore due to travel restrictions. Galaxy Racer and Team Elite are the two Indian teams competing.

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Garena declared the Free Fire City Open for India back in April. In the tournament, which has a prize pool of Rs. 60 lakh i.e US $2 millions, players represent their own city or state.

The Free Fire City Open features ten of the best teams from eight states, each named after a major city: Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Lucknow, and Visakhapatnam. The final two teams are wildcard entrants from outside of the eight regions mentioned.

This year, Garena expects to compete in two more major tournaments. The organisation expects to host Free Fire All-Stars in July. The aim of this event is to put together top influencers and industry professionals from all over the world. Then it will pit them against one another to see who is the strongest. The corporation then expects to host the second edition of the Free Fire World Series in November. Hopefully, the situation in India and the rest of the world has changed enough for the event to go off without a hitch.

Get Free Fire Maro Character by Falconer Top Up Event

In the OB27 World Series update, Maro and Xayne were published in Free Fire. However, in-game players were unable to access Maro.

Today, Garena has announced a new special top up event to free Maro. As other Free Fire characters, Maro has a particular ability to help a player in the fight against his enemies.

This article will walk you through how to get the latest Maro character for free as part of the Falconer Top Up experience.

Free Fire Maro Character by Falconer Top Up Event
Maro Character, Free Fire, Time of Hindustan
Maro Character For Free in Free Fire – Time of Hindustan

In Free Fire, you can get the Maro character for free.

As previously said, the Falconer Top Up event allows players to obtain the Maro character for free. Plays must deposit 200 diamonds to participate in the game. Users will be able to assert the Maro character for free after they top up 200 diamonds in the shop.

The diamonds that have been topped up will then be used for other in-game transactions.

The below are the prizes and the amount of diamonds needed for the Falconer Top Up event:

  • Maro Character – Top up 200 diamonds
  • Maro’s Falconer Bundle – Top up 500 diamonds
Players can follow the steps given below to obtain Maro in Free Fire:
  1. The user has to run Free Fire and press the button at the top of the display “Diamond.”
  2. Several additional choices will be available and players must choose the amount of diamonds needed to buy.
  3. Users can press on the “Calendar” button on the lobby panel to the right.
  4. Next, players can browse the event section and press the button “Falconer Top Up.”
  5. Tap the “Claim” button to obtain.

Maro has Falcon Fervor, a passive skill. The basic level (level 1) of this capability raises distance risk by up to 5 percent. Harm to marked enemies has also been improved by 1%.

Falcon Fervor increases distance risk by 25 percent at its maximum level (level 6). In the meantime, damage caused to significant enemies increases by 3.5%.

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