The Family man fans think Arvind is the mastermind behind Operation Zulfiqar: Sharad Kelkar

The Family man fans think Arvind is the mastermind behind Operation Zulfiqar: Sharad Kelkar who plays Arvind in the series has spoken out about his character’s romance with Priyamani’s character Suchi. He also mentioned that fans believe he is a villain lurking in plain sight.

Actor Sharad Kelkar, who shows up as Arvind in The Family Man, has said that individuals trust Arvind is the genuine antagonist of the show. He attributed the talk to the strength of the composition, which he said has drawn in fans.

In a meeting, he said that individuals have are additionally agitated with Suchi, the spouse of hero Srikant Tiwari, played by Manoj Bajpayee; and disillusioned in JK, Srikant’s companion, for supporting her. Srikant and Suchi’s disintegrating marriage is likewise investigated in The Family Man, which is generally a covert agent thrill ride.

“Take for example the Operation Zulfiqar in season one. Such countless individuals accepted that Arvind was behind it. The suppositions are there; regarding why I’m in the show in any case. ‘Arvind will be uncovered as the lowlife; he’s a fear monger. Every one of these presumptions was made in the past season. Furthermore, that is the magnificence of the composition,” Sharad revealed to Bollywood Hungama in a meeting.

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“That is a result of the show. Individuals are included and have developed with the show. They are joined to the characters. In the event that your crowd is joined to you, that implies your show is acceptable,” he added.

He said that the explanation Suchi is acting like this is on the grounds that what occurred among her and Arvind at Lonavala – which stays a secret – concurred with her conjugal issues and expert situations.

The Family Man, made, co-composed, and co-coordinated by Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK, returned briefly seasonally on Amazon Prime Video. A third season has been prodded. Manoj said in a new meeting that the story is prepared, however, the third season will require near two years to show up.

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