Exclusive Friends Reunion ! Go inside the HBO Max Special ‘Emotional’ with Six Stars

On May 19, HBO Max launched the Friends Reunion Trailer, unveiling the entire episode with guest stars, recreating iconic moments and much more.

Everyone else was recognizable together of Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer.

Friends Reunion- HBO Max Special “Emotion with 6 stars

Tom Selleck, former boyfriend of Monica Richard and Maggie Wheeler who starred as Ross’s former girlfriend Janice, were exposed in the highly anticipated teaser.- Reports: Time Of Hindutan

The special episode to go on the HBO Max channel on May 27 will feature recreating of enjoyed scenes including Ross playing a quiz with the five other friends who had to lose one of the team’s apartments and the scene when Phoebe finds Monika and Chandler, yelling “my eyes!”

Similarly, the cast reveals their own memories in terms of filming and success for the programme in the 1990s. Anniston said that she was undervalued for working in Friends, and another producer said she would never become famous with Friends.

Friends Reunion’ six stars were overwhelmed by feeling.

On the way home to Warner Bros studios, former castmates — Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matten Le Blanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer — were struck by the careful re-creation of a world that they hadn’t visited over the past seventeen years: the bachelor’s pad of Joey and Chandler, the apartment of Monica and Rachel, and Central Perga, where the orange sofa can be found in the thrift stores.

“Ten years of irreplaceable memories flooded me,” Cox, 56, says PEOPLE just in the cover storey this week.

Friends was one of the highest-rated tv series of all time at the conclusion of its 10-season run. Friends: The Reunion, a non-scripted celebration of the NBC series premiering on HBO Max on May 27, is just the second time the six stars have reunited since the finale aired in 2004.

“It’s funny, it’s like no time has elapsed when we get together,” says LeBlanc, 53. “We catch up right where we left off,”

The reunion special also includes special guests, including Reese Witherspoon (who played Rachel’s sister), superfan Lady Gaga, David Beckham, and Justin Bieber, who reminisce about the show and do a table read of part of “The One with the Jellyfish” segment, as well as re-imagining the amazing quiz game from season 4 where Joey and Chandler won Monica and Rachel’s apartment.

“My God, how are we going to get through this alive, without just tearing our faces off?” the six stars felt when they first met up on the soundstage, says Aniston, 52.

“I suppose it was a little depressing. Though is correct? “enquires LeBlanc. “Yeah, emotional,” Kudrow, 57, admits.

Despite the fact that the special is unscripted, the cast members have a rough understanding of what their characters will be up to now. “I’d like to have launched my own clothes store, and it’s kind of a tiny chain,” Aniston says of Rachel. “As if you were a Nili Lotan. And I live on the Upper East Side of New York City.”

“I still feel like Monica will be competing with other mothers and trying to outdo them,” says Cox. “It may be anything as simple as a bake sale at kindergarten. She’d be a pain to deal with. She’d be the PTA president or whatever.”

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Friends Reunion- HBO Max Special “Emotion with 6 stars

Phoebe “is living in Connecticut with Mike and their kids, and she’s in charge of the school’s arts programme,” according to Kudrow. “And only being a voice for her children because they’re different from her.”

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Perry, 51, thinks Chandler will make a great dad. “As well as a fantastic comedy actor.”

Joey “must have opened a chain of sandwich shops,” according to LeBlanc. “And eaten all the burgers,” Perry adds.

“He would’ve invested in Joey’s sandwich shop and lost a lot of his savings for his grandchildren,” Schwimmer, 54, says of Ross, aside from “playing with the bones” as a palaeontologist.

“It’s a dinosaur-themed sandwich store,” LeBlanc says. “Bronto-burger,” as it’s known.

Though the sextet’s synergy working together “was like lightning in a glass,” according to Cox, generations of fans have fallen for the sextet thanks to syndication and streaming platforms.

“It was a character-driven comedy, not a topical comedy,” Perry says of the show’s popularity. “They didn’t crack laughs at the appropriate times. They didn’t make any references to O.J. Simpson. They made character-driven jokes about people, and people will come back to watch them over and over.”

He maintains that the chemistry that still remains between them both is “magic.”

“Awkward,” LeBlanc sneers. “I’d describe it as awkward.” “It’s awkwardly magical,” Perry adds.

Must Know

Ben Winston directed Friends Reunion, with Kevin Bright, Marta Kauffman, and David Crane serving as executive producers, as well as Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer reprising their roles. Emma Conway, James Longman, and Stacey Thomas-Muir are co-executive producers.

Warner Bros., in collaboration with Warner Horizon, Fulwell 73 Productions, and Bright-Kauffman-Crane Productions, is producing the unscripted television.

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