Israel and Hamas agree to the end of Gaza’s 11-day war

Israel and Hamas agree to the end of Gaza’s 11-day war According to the source.

JERUSALEM/GAZA: The Palestinian Islamist group and Egyptian state TV have said that Israel and Hamas will cease fire across Gaza Strip Friday and put a possibly tenuous stop to the toughest fight over the years.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister, said that his cabinet overwhelmingly voted in favour of Egypt’s “mutual and unconditional ceasefire of Gaza,” and added that it was not possible to negotiate on the time of execution. The ceasefire was said to start at 2 a.m., Hamas and Egypt said.

The 11-day Israeli-Palestinian conflict came to an end at 2100 GMT on Thursday. The sides were exchanging blows again minutes after the declarations, when the countdown to the truce began. In Israeli border towns, sirens warned of incoming missiles, and a Reuters reporter heard an air attack in Gaza.

There was no news on injuries right away. In the face of mounting international outrage over the violence, US President Joe Biden urged Netanyahu to pursue de-escalation on Wednesday, while Egypt, Qatar, and the United Nations attempted to mediate. Biden was scheduled to speak about the Middle East at 5.45 p.m. Washington time (2145 GMT), according to the White House.

The truce will be “mutual and continuous,” according to Hamas. “The Palestinian resistance will abide by this deal as long as the Occupation (Israel) does the same,” Taher Al-Nono, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh’s media advisor, told Reuters. According to Egyptian state television, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has sent two security delegations to Israel and the Palestinian Territories to work on maintaining the truce.

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With the grace of God, we were able to humiliate the enemy, its fragile entity, and its savage army,” said Abu Ubaida, a spokesman for Hamas’ military wing, in a televised speech. He warned Hamas that if it broke the cease-fire or hit Gaza before the hour of execution, it would launch rockets through Israel.

After an eight-hour delay earlier on Thursday, rocket attacks by Hamas and the allied Islamic Jihad resumed as Israel continued shelling aimed at destroying the factions’ military capabilities and deterring them from further confrontations after the current war.

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Clashes between the Israeli army and Palestinians

On Twitter, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said the Gaza offensive had resulted in “unprecedented military gains.” Gantz said Israel’s defence establishment will “continue to work closely and in complete coordination with the Pentagon and the US administration to stabilise the area” in a meeting with his US counterpart Lloyd Austin, according to Gantz’s office.

Since the battle started on May 10, health officials in Gaza have recorded 232 Palestinians killed and over 1,900 wounded as a result of aerial bombardments.

In Gaza, Israel claimed to have killed at least 160 fighters. The death toll in Israel has been set at 12, with hundreds of people injured as a result of rocket attacks that sparked confusion and sent people fleeing to shelters. Palestinians were enraged by what they perceived as Israeli restrictions on their freedom in Jerusalem, including police clashes with demonstrators at the Al-Aqsa mosque.

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Hamas had previously insisted that any cease-fire in Gaza be followed by Israeli troop withdrawals from Jerusalem. According to a Reuters report, the cease-fire would not have such a clause.

“The only way there will be a Hamas-Jerusalem connection is if they consent to us drowning them on Tel Aviv’s ‘Jerusalem Beach,” defence cabinet minister Tzachi Hanegbi said earlier on Thursday on Israel’s top-rated Channel 12 TV. Biden spoke with Sisi about Gaza, and the White House described signs of progress toward a truce as “encouraging.”

In the West, Hamas is considered a terrorist organisation, as is Israel, which it continues to recognise. Tor Wennesland, the UN’s Middle East representative, was in Qatar on Thursday as part of peace talks, according to the UN.

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