The National Medicinal Plants Board and the CSIR-NBRI have inked an agreement to enhance medicinal plant cultivation and production.

On June 4th, the National Medical Plants Board (NMPB) and the National Botanical Research Institute (CSIR-NBRI) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to improve their collaboration efforts for the development of medicinal plant and herb cultivation and production in India. Is it true?

This MoU will help NMPB create quality planting material (QPM) of selected medicinal plants and herbs, as well as create nurseries for QPM, and diverse medical plant and plant species, including endangered species, for high altitude locations. In agro-climatic zones, it will aid in the development, promotion, conservation, and cultivation of relevant medicinal plants.

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NMPB will assist CSIR-NBRI in promoting prospective medicinal plant species with high economic value for germplasm collection/conservation, as well as the creation of nurseries and seed banks/gene banks, through this cooperation.

By undertaking a medicinal plant survey with NMPB, NBRI will operate in the intended direction. Under the terms of this MoU, the NMPB’s outreach and its implementing agencies, such as State Medicinal Plant Boards (SMPB) and regional-cum-facilitation centres, will collaborate.

NMPB is required by the Ministry of AYUSH to coordinate all aspects connected to medicinal plants and to promote policies and initiatives for the growth of medicinal plant commerce, export, conservation, and production.

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