12 crore doses Covid vaccine In June, Health Minister assured.

States have been informed about the availability of Covid vaccine for June, and a delivery schedule will be discussed with them, according to the health ministry.

Concerns over the speed of vaccination in India have prompted the government to announce that almost 12 crore doses of Covid vaccines will be available for immunisation in June.
This is a 50% increase over the May distribution, which made roughly 8 crore pills accessible to states and union territories.

According to a press statement from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, about 6.09 crore doses would be distributed free of charge to states and union territories in June for immunisation of healthcare staff, frontline workers, and people over 45 years old. States, union territories, and private hospitals will be allowed to purchase another 5.86 million vaccinations directly.

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As a result, close to 12 crore (11,95,70,000) doses will be available for the nationwide COVID immunisation campaign in June 2021,” according to the press statement.

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Covid 19 Vaccine Availability

In May, the states received more than 4.03 crore free doses, according to the report. This month, governments and private institutions have access to more than 3.90 crore pills that could be purchased directly.

States have been informed well in advance about the availability of vaccinations for June, according to the ministry, and a delivery schedule will be provided with them as well.

“The allocation of supplies from the Government of India to States and Union Territories is based on consumption patterns, population, and vaccine wastage. The Union Government has provided States and UTs with visibility into vaccine availability for the whole month of June 2021, as notified to States and UTs via Union Health Ministry letters dated 17th May 2021, 27th May 2021, and 29th May 2021 “According to the press release.

“This allocation delivery timetable will be shared in time. States have been asked to urge responsible officials to ensure that allotted doses are used rationally and wisely and that vaccine waste is minimised “It was also noted.

The purpose of notifying states and union territories about the amount of free doses to be delivered by the federal government and the number of doses available for direct procurement, according to the ministry, is to ensure better planning and delivery.

Several states have disputed the ministry’s vaccine wastage data revealed earlier this month, prompting the ministry’s recommendations to reduce loss.

Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh, who according to the ministry’s statistics were the top vaccine wasters in India, contested the figures and questioned the motive for publicising what they said was incorrect information. Madhya Pradesh, which is run by the BJP, has also contested the government’s waste estimates.

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