Delhi Halts Vaccination For 18-44 Age Group

All centres administering Covid-19 vaccines to the 18-44 age group in Delhi will be temporarily shut after Saturday due to a shortage of vaccines, said the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

In a video address, senior AAP leader and MLA Atishi said that so far Delhi has administered over 50 lakh doses, but the capital is unable to ramp up the immunisation drive further due to the vaccine crisis.

Aitshi said nearly 88 vaccination sites had been administering Covishield to the 18-44 group, and all of them will be shut.

Urging the Centre to facilitate vaccine supply at the earliest, Aitish said they should allow manufacturers to supply more vaccines to the national capital.

‘…the stock of Covishield is nearing its end for the 18-44 age bracket, and hence quite a few centres had shut down yesterday. Out of this number, nearly 40,000 people have got their first dose, and only 8,544 have got their second dose. Hence, the total doses administered has increased to more than 50,20,214 doses,” she said.

‘…nearly 11,31,577 people have received both their shots and are fully vaccinated,” Atishi added.

‘Humble appeal to Centre to supply the vaccines’

Atishi highlighted that in Delhi, nearly 670 centres are operational in 508 locations for 45+ age group, healthcare and frontline workers.

She added, “However, for 18-44, the number is too less; only 31 schools are administering vaccines to them today in 88 sites. The number of locations was more than 200 locations nearly 5 days back.”

Giving details of the vaccine stock, the AAP leader said for those aged above 45 years and healthcare/frontline workers, Covaxin’s stock is left for less than 1 day, and Covishield’s stock is remaining for 8 days.

“We have received 45,94,250 doses for this category, out of which, 43,42,480 have been utilised. This means, 2,51,770 are still left with us. The stock for Covaxin, which is too less, is being used to inoculate people with the second dose. First doses of Covaxin are not being immunised now. This is because we have a limited supply of Covaxin for 45+ as well,” she said.

For those in the 18-44 age bracket, Covaxin’s stock is already over, and Covishield’s stock is left only for less than a day, she said.

“We have received 8,17,690 doses for this segment, and out of which 7,95,520 have been utilised. As of now, only 22,170 doses are remaining until today morning. In this, 2,780 doses are left of Covaxin and nearly 19,390 of Covishield.”

The AAP leader also flagged that even though all states have been asked to procure directly from the manufactures, the companies have “refused to supply vaccines to us beyond what has been stated to them by the Centre”.

“Hence, again, a humble appeal to the Centre to supply the vaccines. The Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has also written a letter to the PM today, requesting the centre to supply vaccines to Delhi as soon as possible,” she added.

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