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NEW DELHI: Can a storm ever strike India? Or a hurricane rock Japan? No, they cannot. Conventionally, tropical storms carry their names in line with the area the place they kind. Listed here are some often requested questions on these highly effective climate phenomena.

  1. What’s a tropical storm?
    It’s a quickly rotating storm system with a low-stress middle and a spiral association of thunderstorms.
  2. The place do they kind?
    They kind over seas and oceans in tropical latitudes, underneath beneficial climate and atmospheric circumstances.
  3. Why the totally different names?
    Such a storm system is named ‘storm’ in northwestern Pacific (Japan / China); as ‘hurricane’ in North America (US / Mexico) and as ‘cyclone’ in South and South East Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar)
  4. Below what circumstances do they kind?
    There storm programs largely kind in summer time, when the ocean temperature is greater than 26 levels Celsius all the way down to a depth of 60 meters.
  5. What’s the dimension of a cyclone?
    The diameter can vary from 100km to 1000km
  6. How highly effective can a cyclone be?
    A giant cyclone can generate 10 occasions as a lot power because the Hiroshima atomic bomb.
  7. What are the atmospheric phenmena related to a cyclone?
    A cyclone is accompanied by sturdy winds (speeds can exceed 200 kmph) and heavy rains. Wind velocity is most on the ‘spiral arms,’ whereas the middle is comparatively calm.
  8. How does a ‘cyclone’ progress?
    It retains gathering energy because it strikes over sea, selecting up moisture and accompanied by sturdy winds. It weakens after landfall, step by step shedding its moisture content material. The squalls additionally relax because the system dissipates.


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