Sanitizer Company in Pune catches fire, 20 flee

A big fire has erupted at the Urawade industrial development near Mulshi, Pune. The event occurred at Urwade’s Chlorified Company. 15 female employees were hurt, while two male colleagues died horapa luna. SVS Aqua Technologies is the name of the corporation in question. The actual cause of the fire is yet unknown. News on the fire in Pune A fire occurred out at Mulish Urawade chemical firm svs aqua technologies, killing fourteen people.

SVS Aqua Technologies, a chemical firm in Mulshi’s Urwade industrial district, caught fire at 2 p.m. today. According to preliminary reports, fifteen to twenty workers were trapped at this location.

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In the morning, the chemical firm had 41 employees. 17 of the 41 are missing. There are 15 ladies and two guys among them. According to local MLA Sangram Thopte, eight to ten victims have been found burned to ashes thus far.

Sanitizer manufacturer in the company

This is the firm that manufactures hand sanitizers. In the morning, 41 people showed up for work. Following the fire, seventeen persons have gone missing. It includes 15 women and 2 males, with eight remains exhumed. We need to observe how well the system works because it’s a flammable material like sanitizer, according to MLA Sangram Thopte.

Nine fire trucks arrived at the scene

SVS Aqua Technologies in Urawade, Pune, was the scene of a fire that required nine fire trucks to extinguish. Because the chemical firm manufactures sanitizers, the fire is expected to spread quickly. Due to the location’s remoteness from the city, fire trucks took longer to arrive. The fire department has got the blaze under control, and cooling efforts are continuing, according to reports. Dr. Abhinav Deshmukh, the Pune Rural Superintendent of Police, had arrived on the scene.

All women among the dead

17 persons were killed in a fire at SVS Aqua Technologies in Urawade, Pune. There are 15 females and two males working there. When the fire broke out, 17 personnel were trapped, according to MLA Sangram Thopte. There were 15 female employees and two male employees on the team.

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