Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice teaches us 4 Moral life lessons.

Forward to 2020, and we must recognise that complete financial preparation, backed by the best life insurance plans, is a way of life that necessitates self-control and discipline in our financial management i.e. life lessons.

First and foremost, it is difficult to comprehend the significance of a life insurance policy in the context of William Shakespeare, who is widely regarded as the greatest writer of all time. But before we get into the facts, we need to look into his background. William Shakespeare lived a nice lifestyle, owning at least two mansions and earning a good living. Through his literary works, this well-known dramatist, poet, and playwright imparted ageless, witty knowledge.

When he wrote the famous Merchant of Venice, the Bard of Avon was much ahead of his time. Who’d have guessed that this erudite genius’s life and credit lessons would still be relevant after more than 400 years?

Forward to 2020, and we must realize that complete financial preparation, backed by the best life insurance plans, is a way of life that necessitates self-control and discipline in our financial management.

While money isn’t everything, and wealth acquisition isn’t worth the debt, the Merchant of Venice emphasises the need of money management. Once you understand the subtleties of the financial world, several robust investment options can help you maximise your money.

Here are the Bard’s two cents on debt and money from the timeless classic, The Merchant of Venice, to protect the financial future of your loved ones with a life insurance programme and establish a good investment portfolio — the Bard way.

1. Debts may be harmful

The Venice merchant will always be up-to-date. You know why? You know why? It speaks about indebtedness and how deadly it may be if mercilessly pursued. The main storey tells how a loan goes awry with a creditor known to be unsaved. While now a lender won’t be asking for a pound of flesh, as Shylock has done from Bassanio, the debt traps are genuine and damaging, in many ways.

Do not accept a loan or rack up credit until you are completely aware of the dangers of not being able to return it, if you want to avoid being in the same circumstances as Bassanio.

You can prevent leaving your loved ones in a difficult position to pay off your obligations in your absence, by having a life insurance programme in your financial portfolio. Some of the greatest life insurance plans of reputable insurers (e.g. ULIPs or Linked Insurance Plans) such as Max Life Insurance help cover liables in unexpected situations such as your early death in case of unforeseen loss. In addition, the ULIP plan features include large investment returns connected to the market that compliment the insurance coverage.

2. You need more effective management of your money

Shakespeare’s Antonio in the Venice merchant is a rich man with a warm heart who goes right into Shylock’s lending trap to benefit a friend. Antonio is still relevant today with his intelligent portrayal because all of us are responsible at some point in our lives for making hasty financial judgments.

Experts, however, say that learning the value of financial planning is vital to a healthy existence. Begin by understanding how to spend and set a portion of your earnings aside for savings and investing. At the same time you can cast your family’s financial safety net by having a life insurance scheme – one which expands with the evolving requirements and financial needs of your family.

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3. You need emergency preparedness

One of Venice’s most notable life lessons is that, although we all desire riches, very few of us know how to handle it.

From an accident to a premature death, emergencies may be anything. Therefore, if you want your family members to go through harsh weather even without you, you should prepare yourself for these situations.

Failure to pay your obligation immediately causes your credit irrevocable damage, not to mention your loved one’s suffering and difficulty in running your money after an unfortunate event.In order to avoid this, invest in a life insurance plan that can be utilised in the case of such situations to obtain the essential financial support.

In addition, India’s top life insurance plans provide your loved ones considerable tax saving benefits under section 80C of the 1961 Earnings Tax Act!

4. Money Isn`t everything

The Venice merchant teaches us that it is necessary to provide financial assistance to the family and to live in comfort. At the same time, you should not have to take financial decisions in a hurry, particularly if you want a financial future for your family and your wealth to grow.

Fortunately, a life insurance programme allows you to guarantee the financial future of your family. You should look for one that has the proper features and benefits to satisfy your needs while selecting the proper life insurance scheme.

If you’re not there to take care of your old parents, this life insurance programme not only will enable your spouse and children keep their lifestyles.

Mercy is not strained in any way.

It falls as a gentle rain from heaven on the ground below. It is doubly blessed. It blesses both the giver and the taker. It is the mightiest in the mightiest; it becomes the mightiest in the mightiest. The monarch on the throne is more powerful than his crown.

His sceptre demonstrates temporal authority. The attribute of majesty and awe. Where monarchs’ dread and despair are housed. But mercy reigns supreme over this sceptered monarchy; It has a place of honour in the hearts of rulers; It is a quality possessed by God himself. And then earthly power appears to be equal to God’s. When mercy comes before justice.

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