Vastu tips: Things you should do for prosperity and happiness at home

Who does not want to be happy and have a prosperous life? Everybody wants happiness and prosperity for their family and they do everything possible to maintain the same in their house. But little do they know that it is Vastu Shastra which can greatly impact the happiness and prosperity of the house. If you keep Vastu of the home in the correct order then there is no negative energy in the house and happiness and prosperity remains intact. If you also want happiness and prosperity for your home, then this post will give you the solutions which you can adopt for positive energy and happiness.

Remedy for happiness and prosperity in the family

If you want to get prosperous and wish happiness to stick around your home then it is advisable to sprinkle water at the main entrance of the home after cleaning the house early in the morning. This will bring positive energy to your home and you will be blessed with wealth.

Planting an Ashoka tree in the house increases wealth and the atmosphere in the house also becomes pleasant. A small piece of Ashoka tree root should also be kept in the temple of the house. This is considered to be auspicious as per Vastu rules.

Sprinkle black sesame seeds (Til) on the roof of your home when the sun rises. It keeps happiness and peace in the house and it also attracts the positive energy in the house.

Add two tablespoons of salt in the water bucket while wiping the floor. This is known to remove the negative energy from the house and also the love would enhance among the family members.

If there is a frequent fight between husband and wife, then keep Mangal Yantra in the worship room. This will increase the love between the couple and the discord will resolve.

After cooking, it is advisable to cool down the stove with milk. This will sweeten the relations and strengthen the bonding among the family members.

Pay special attention to these points

It is important that your head should face towards the East or South direction while sleeping. Keeping the head towards the East direction increases knowledge and when your head is faced towards the South direction then it increases the age.

Plant the Tulsi (Holy Basil) plant in your home. Always plant Tulsi in the East or North direction. Planting the Tulsi plant in the home is considered to be auspicious. Water the Tulsi plant daily and worship it. Always make sure that it should remain healthy and should not wither with time.

Immediately discard any broken furniture, utensil, glass or any other item from the house as broken objects and things invite negative energy.

Always blow a conch while worshipping in the morning. This helps in maintaining positivity in the house.

Lit the lamp made from the cow dung and add jaggery and sweet oil to it. Thereafter, keep it in the centre of the main entrance of the home. This increases happiness and prosperity in the house and the atmosphere also remains pleasant in the home.

If there is any evil power residing in the home or if there is a frequent fight in the home and the atmosphere is always tense, then it is advised to add little milk in the holy Ganges water and sprinkle it daily in the house. This will ensure peace in the house and influence of the evil forces will also be reduced.

You must have understood really well with today’s post that what remedies should be adopted for happiness and prosperity in the home. Hope you must have liked the post and if yes, then please share this with your friends and share your thoughts in the comment box. This will encourage us to share more such good posts in the future.





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