Neeraj Chopra Sad About International Competition

Neeraj Chopra is willing to offer an arm and a leg to relocate his training base to Europe’s cooler climates and fly there for competitions. This, he claims, is necessary to achieve his goal of winning a medal at his first Olympic Games.

In 2016, he made his mark on the international stage with a world record throw at the World junior athletics championships, his 86.48m good enough for an Olympic medal in Rio that year. Regrettably, it arrived 12 days after the qualifying deadline. Five years later, Neeraj Chopra is still India’s greatest consistent world-level athlete and a serious medal contender at the Tokyo Olympics, but again the confusion has been daunting for the boy, who admits that the challenges to his Olympic goal nag at the edge of his mind.

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It’s becoming more challenging because, in addition to preparation, I need competition. because 2019 was lost due to injury, followed by COVID from 2020 onwards. I believe that a few of the best 2-3 years of my career were wasted due to circumstances beyond my power, and you wonder what we’re preparing for if there’s no clear goal in sight. How long can we keep telling ourselves to remain positive? All trains to compete and put their skills to the test against the best. Expectations for a gold medal are still sky-high. If you want to participate at the highest level, you must compete against world-class athletes.

I’ve given up watching the television or reading newspapers because the only stories I’m seeing are of people dying from the Coronavirus. I’m attempting to concentrate solely on throwing. Neeraj Chopra says, “Fortunately, no one in my (immediate) family has been affected.”

Neeraj Chopra

Training in such heat is extremely difficult. It’s almost impossible even though you only stay on the ground for five minutes (to train). It’s hot right now, and it’ll be even hotter in June. “Training will be extremely difficult,”  Neeraj also said that he prefers Sweden or Finland for training, and that the athletes are attempting to remain focused despite the increasing number of cases in the world. Although the AFI, SAI, and the ministry are continuously attempting to find alternate international locations. For training and competition in the face of India’s travel restrictions.

The Indian Grand Prix-4 and the National Inter-State Senior Athletics meet are all set to take place in Bangalore next month. The Athletics Federation of India, on the other hand, is concerned about switching national campers from one location to another. These tournaments are now in risk as the pandemic continues.

Chopra says he will have to consider the number of days of quarantine expected when the opportunity to travel and train abroad arises. Each day spent in an isolation facility is valuable time wasted.

I would not be able to withstand a 21-day quarantine. Maybe a week to ten days would work so I will be able to sit in the room and focus on core training. It’s possible that it won’t have a significant impact on my results. However, if I am forced to quarantine for 21 days. It’ll have a significant effect on my preparation and all of my hard work will be for naught. It would not be feasible with the Olympics so near. So, when it comes to deciding which nation to visit, We’ll just need to see how long nights of quarantine are needed.

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