One Plus 7/7t Update Android 11 Feature Issues

One Plus 7t Update Android 11 was a great step. The company has been taking incredible steps and making enormous guarantees with respect to its Android updates yet it may require a touch more work with regards to the nature of those updates. In spite of the fact that luckily not the standard,

OnePlus has been known to have pushed refreshes with rather striking issues, some of the more awful than others. That is the disastrous experience that OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7T users are apparently having after the Android 11 and OxygenOS 11 update brought new highlights as well as bugs that stay unfixed over a month later.


OnePlus has had rather dangerous bug upgrades yet it appears to be that the OxygenOS 11 update, which likewise brings Android 11, is taking the cake. There have been reports about issues with the most recent update across a significant number of OnePlus’ telephones, including the OnePlus Nord, yet users of the organization’s 2019 models are the ones that appear to have gotten the worst part of the deal.

A developing number of protests on Reddit just as OnePlus’ own discussions forums uncover the somewhat circumstance with respect to the update. Those grievances are everywhere, from more noteworthy battery channel to dropped outlines that could influence portable gaming. There are additionally stressing reports of overheating, at any rate more than expected, which could raise warnings with regards to security.

Given the wide scope of issues, there is no single known wellspring of the issue other than the Android 11 update. Obviously, different telephones on Android 11 don’t report such issues and OnePlus clients rush to fault OxygenOS 11 as the genuine offender. It doesn’t help that this form of OnePlus’ custom Android experience isn’t by and large that well known as a result of the substantial changes that the organization made.

OnePlus previously pushed a minor update to these models yet it doesn’t appear to have tended to the issues agreeable to owners. Shockingly, the best way to get around the issue is to downsize back to Android 10, which is likewise unreasonable for a large number 7 and 7T users

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