A huge risk! Telegram becomes a new haven for cyber criminals selling personal data publicly to millions of users.

The Telegram Messaging software sells and shares personal data publicly on several groups and channels.

The dark web is no longer restricted to cyber criminals. The Telegram chat app is now its new destination. The cybersecurity scientist has shown that millions of individuals private data is publicly exchanged in groups and channels of thousands of individuals. According to the report, the researchers of vpnMentor found that cyber criminals use Telegram to exchange and discuss major information dumps. These data enable millions of people to suffer online fraud, hacking and any kind of assault.

Telegram becomes an alternative to the dark web

Moreover, NortonLifeLock’s studies revealed that there are “illegal markets” on Telegram. Here you’ll find vaccinations Covid-19, personal data, illegal software and phone IDs. vpnMentor’s research showed that his team joined various groups and channels focused on criminality for information on telegrammatics. And when hackers are putting material on channels here they find that some of these groups have over 10,000 members.

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It should be noted that for these data sales, the dark web is commonly used. Such sales benefit from telegram including “protecting members’ confidentiality.” Additionally, telegram input is easier than dark web entry. Distributed Denial of Service Telegram (DDoS) is able to resist assaults. This system can carry cybercrime into its wrap while functioning on the conventional web.

Such stuff is on telegram stopped? The vpnMentor study indicates that Telegram has taken ‘limited attempts’ to delete groups related to hacking, but this has not improved.


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