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Beckham said that there is still a lot of progress space.

New York Giants’ external hand Odell Beckham Jr. is now one of the most competitive external hands of the League, he can run the top corner guard with his own speed and route.

However, compared with the great external connections, he has many progress space. Bakerham ran sauna spent a lot of time on the route, he said: “I am most seriously training the route running ability, I hope to be the top one, many times I can do more 2 yards, I can only complete 12-14 yards from the distance of 14 yards, so that the space of the ball will be small. “

Beckham and Giants are waiting cheap nfl jerseys for sale the outbreak of the new season because their defensive group has made adjustments, and cheap jerseys the offensive group introduced the new show, Sterling Shepard, if Victor Cruz can stay healthy Then, the new season’s giant offense is quite terrible.

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