Doctor Couple killed in Bharatpur – Shot

The Doctor Couple killed in bharatpur, both of them accused of burning wife and child read full story here at Time Of Hindustan

In broad daylight, a doctor husband and wife were murdered in Bharatpur, Rajasthan. Dr. Sudeep Gupta and his wife, Dr. Seema Gupta, were driving when they were shot at by two bike-riding youngsters. Both of them died instantly. There is yet no information on the criminals. Let me tell you that two years ago, Dr. Seema was accused of burning her husband Sudeep’s lover.

Let us know that this heartbreaking tragedy occurred in Bharatpur’s sleepy gate neighbourhood. According to the report, the two were on their way to the Shri Radha crossroads when the criminals attacked. The sound of gunfire could be heard in broad daylight. So yet, no evidence has been revealed regarding the attackers, nor has the cause of the incident been discovered. The Police investigators are searching into the matter.

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Dr. Sudeep and Dr. Seema purchased a villa in Surya City Colony, Bharatpur, after they were both arrested in the murder case. Sudeep is rumoured to have started living in this property with his supposed lover. Sudeep’s clinic had a receptionist named Deepa, according to the information. Sudeep had informed his wife about the villa being rented to a female bank manager at the same time. On November 1st, 2019, Deepa was supposed to start a parlour at this villa.

Seema became suspicious when she saw Sudip’s name on the invitation card and went to the property with her mother-in-law. Seema and Deepa had an argument.

Seema then locked Deepa and her son Shaurya in the chamber, sprayed the ghost with water, and set it on fire. This led to the deaths of both of them. The fact that Dr. Sudeep and Dr. Seema were arrested in the murder case is crucial.

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Doctor Couple killed in bharatpur

Bharatpur’s RBM Hospital

Dr. Sudeep Gupta and his wife, Dr. Seema, were shot by the assailants. The medical pair sustained major injuries as a result of the incident. Those who were taken to Bharatpur’s RBM Hospital for treatment. Both died at the same place. Dr. couple has been receiving death threats for some days, according to the Information. The entire incident was caught on camera by a security camera. The criminals opened fire on the doctor and his wife. RBM Hospital was reached by SP-Collector.


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