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Ram coach: cheap nfl jerseys online Running Grley is completely ready to play super bowls

Los Angeles Roof Shuo Shuen Mcvay said that Todd Gurley has been fully prepared and plays an important role in a super bowl against New England wholesale jerseys online Patriots.

On Friday, after the final training before the team ended, Mike Wei talked about the latest information about Galli.

“He feels good,” Mike Wei said. “100% is ready.”

Galley is absent from the last 2 games in the regular season due to the left apianer. He returned to the partition finals in the Darlas Cowboy, and the 115 yard was taken once.

But after the Federation of the State, the concerns of his health appeared again. In this competition, Galley only participated in the 32-stage offense (the team 46% offense) and completed the 5-time mushroom acquisition 13 yards.

“He didn’t have a lot of policies, but he still appeared for a lot of time,” Mac Wei said. “We just can’t do so much punch attack as we hope, because the New Orleans Saints have limited us. In addition, we are still facing the 2-minute offense before the end of the half, in this case You will be more tend to pass. He should have no problem. “

When I was asked in this week, I didn’t feel how his knee did. “I feel very good.” He did not appear in the injury report since January 9.

The ram is expected to have a healthy super bowl in health.

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