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Red skin main proximity front Paul’s injury season reimbursement

Washington Hongdo ushered in the first preseason in the new season today, but did not have long after the start of the game, and the main close-up of Hong Ni, Niles Paul could not afford to hurt. Then, wholesale nfl jerseys china it was then raised out. In the interview after the game, the Red Primary Coach Jay-Grunden announced that the Paul’s ankle is seriously sprained, and it will absent the entire 2015 season. Grunette said: “His injury is a huge loss for us, he is a very good player and leader.”

Naires – Paul is a quite talented player, with excellent ballistics, and he also gains 27 pounds in this year’s break, in order to improve your cover, the Red Leather coach will also get up For the head of the team near the end. After the reimburse of the Paul season, Jordan Reed will replace his position, and the boursh of Reid is very outstanding. It is not lost to Paul, strong exercise ability, and the disadvantage is that the cover is poor and cheap jerseys often Hurt. If Reed ensures health, he will be expected to fill the vacancies left by Paul.

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