Did you drink Vegan Milk? It has several benefits; PETA-AMUL CASE

CONTROVERSY PETA, a rights organisation for animals, has requested that Amul move on to Vegan Milk manufacturing or to plant-produced milk manufacturing.

Peta India: Peta, an organisation for animal rights, requested Amul to switch to vegan milk or milk from plants. People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) argued that the cooperative company for Milk should profit from the popular vegan food and milk industry, in their letter to Amul’s Managing Director RS Sodhi.

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What is vegan milk, what is it?

Milk from vegan plants is milk. Vegan milk is of great benefit to humans. The milk derived from animals is different. Milk from plants or vegan milk is vegetable milk that has a nice flavour and a modest quantity of fat. Soya milk, rice milk, coconut milk, cashew milk, almond milk and oats milk are all available.

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What did PETA India say ?

PETA India stated, ‘We want to urge Amul to enjoy the expanding vegetarian food and milk industry instead of focusing on demand for crop goods. Many other businesses are also operating on the basis of market trends and Amul should do the same.

Swadeshi Jagran Manch national coordinator Ashwini Mahajan replied with a tweet from Sodhi. It is mentioned in this tweet, ‘You don’t know that most farmers are landless. The source of livelihood for many ends by applying this approach. Be aware that milk is an easy and constantly available source of nutrients in our beliefs, tradition, taste, eating habits.’ Amul is the Indian Dairy Cooperative Society run by the Gujarat Co-operative Federation for Milk Marketing.

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