Greece Tourism: What You Should Know Before Traveling to Greece in Summer 2021

Greece Tourism: What You Should Know Before Traveling to Greece in Summer 2021, To anybody longing for a coastline evade, visiting old landmarks, or various islands, these fantasies are presently conceivable as Greece has opened its boundaries for guests since May 14.

After a lockdown period, Greece has returned for certain travelers without obliging them to hole up upon appearance in the country. Such a declaration was made back in April when the last lifted the isolate prerequisite for European Union Member States and a few other third nations.

Despite the COVID-19 episode, the specialists of Greece have persistently called for measures that would empower the safe resuming of the movement and the travel industry area in a bid to forestall further monetary misfortunes and resuscitate the business by the mid-year season.

Regardless, the nation keeps on keeping set up tough section limitations for different nations because of the pandemic circumstance.

Who Is Allowed to Travel to Greece This Summer?

Since May 14, Greece has opened its boundaries for people everywhere in the world wishing to visit the country throughout the late spring season in a bid to help the nation’s movement and the travel industry area recuperate from the misfortune endured because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

At present, Greece permits limitation free passage to all appearances from European Union and Schengen Area nations. Other than the EU/Schengen Area nations, Greece invites voyagers from different nations too that have as of late announced low contamination paces of COVID-19. Subsequently, appearances from the accompanying third nations are allowed to enter Greece:

United Kingdom

The United States


New Zealand

South Korea




United Arab Emirates




North Macedonia




Bosnia and Herzegovina






Saudi Arabia

The specialists featured that all people showing up from Montenegro should give both an inoculation endorsement and an adverse COVID-19 test outcome, which ought not to be more seasoned than 72 hours at the hour of appearance.

Appearances from any country outside the EU/Schengen Area or any third country that was not referenced above are not permitted to enter Greece.

Greece has likewise opened its lines for explorers from the United States after they stayed restricted for over a year. Voyagers from the US will be dependent upon the very prerequisites as residents of different nations that are allowed passage. Greece has been broadening the passage boycott for third-country nationals for a while at this point.

Greece Tourism

Greece’s Entry Restrictions

Prior to entering Greece, everybody is needed to fill in the Passenger Locator Form no later than the day preceding appearance. The structure requires definite data on travelers’ takeoff area, the term of past stays in different nations, just as the location of their visit while in Greece.

All people entering Greece should present a pessimistic COVID-19 test outcome got inside 72 hours of appearance in Greece.

Likewise, voyagers from nations recorded above just as those going from an EU/Schengen Area nation are permitted to enter Greece as long as they give one of the accompanying satisfactory reports:

An authentication demonstrating inoculation against the COVID-19: in any event, 14 days ought to have passed since the second portion of the antibody was taken to be allowed passage. The immunizations supported in Greece incorporate Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca-Oxford, Novavax, Johnson and Johnson, Sinovac Biotech, Sputnik V, Cansino Biologics, and Sinopharm.

The inoculation testament is perceived as long as it is given by a public authority of every country in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, or Russian.

The immunization authentication should incorporate the explorer’s name, the kind of antibody that has been managed, the COVID-19 immunization dose(s) infused, and the date of organization.

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“Section of travelers in Greece isn’t dependent upon inoculation. Introducing an immunization declaration extraordinarily works with the systems upon appearance. Notwithstanding, for no situation is an immunization or antibodies authentication thought about a ‘visa’,” the Government explained.

Confirmation of a negative COVID-19 test outcome: the test ought not to be more established than 72 hours when entering Greece. Youngsters younger than six are not needed to go through testing.

An authentication that demonstrates recuperation from the COVID-19 in the previous nine months: the recuperation endorsement ought to be given by a public power or an affirmed research center. Voyagers can likewise give a past certain PCR test result, performed in any event two months before appearance and no later than nine months before appearance.

Every one of the three previously mentioned testaments should contain the key ID data, including the holder’s complete name, which should coordinate with the name on the identification or some other perceived travel archive.

Outsiders may likewise give a Digital COVID-19 Passport to be allowed section to the country, either in paper or electronic structure, reports.

Despite the authentication that explorers have upon the appearance, they might be dependent upon required irregular wellbeing screening drawn from a designated examining framework, which implies they need to go through a quick antigen test. On the off chance that somebody will not coordinate, the specialists reserve the option to dismiss passage into the country.

Besides, if the irregular test outcome ends up being positive, explorers and their associates will be obliged to isolate lodgings, where they will go through additional wellbeing checks. They should remain isolated for in any event ten days, and the costs will be covered by Greek specialists.

Entering Greece Through Land, Air, or Sea

Superfluous land line appearances are permitted through Evzones line getting points from North Macedonia and through Promachonas, Armenia, and Nimfea line crossing focuses from Bulgaria.

Going via the ocean is additionally permitted across Greece, and unfamiliar vessels may show up at Patras, Igoumenitsa, and Corfu harbors.

Admission to Greece via ocean is allowed through the ports of Patra, Igoumenitsa, and Corfu, though associations with Albania and Turkey are briefly limited.

With respect to the individuals who intend to utilize public transportation during their visit to Greece, they are obliged to wear a defensive cover consistently when out in the open spots, including here air terminals too.

Travelers are permitted to enter Greece through every single worldwide air terminal. Notwithstanding, non-EU/Schengen Area residents are firmly encouraged to utilize non-stop trips to Greece to stay away from stop-over country necessities.

What’s in store When Visiting Greece?

Archeological locales are available to guests across Greece, with a constraint of up to 20 people simultaneously. During their archeological visits, everybody should wear a face veil and regard the physical separating measures.

Cafés, bistros, and bars are open also. Notwithstanding, the administration is given at open-air spaces just, and the greatest number of people permitted to find a seat at one table is six. Those sitting tight for a table should keep their veil on consistently.

In addition, theaters, shows, and different sorts of exhibitions are additionally permitted, however just with a 75 percent limit in open spaces.

For those wishing to invest some energy at the seashore, the specialists feature that simply up to 80 people are taken into consideration 1000 m2 of the seashore region. Moreover, just two people can utilize a similar umbrella, aside from families.

The public vehicle will just work with 65% limit, while visit and touring transports will work at 85% limit.

Right now, Greece has a public time limitation set up from 1:30 am until 5 am, implying that sightseers can remain outside even after 12 PM.

Travel Insurance for Greece – A Must When Traveling During COVID-19 Pandemic

It is exceptionally proposed that all people who wish to go to Greece or some other country throughout this mid-year buy an all-encompassing travel protection bundle that covers pestilence and pandemic circumstances.

The protection ensures that in the event that the excursion gets dropped because of the COVID-19 circumstance, the vast majority of the cash that is spent to reserve a spot is turned around.

You can purchase clinical travel protection for Greece for a truly sensible expense from AXA Assistance, MondialCare, or Europ Assistance.

Greece’s EU Digital COVID-19 Passport

Greece has effectively joined the EU door after the nation breezed through the specialized assessments and has begun to give the principal EU COVID-19 visas.

The nation had uncovered the primary EU Digital COVID-19 Passport back toward the finish of May, during which time the Prime Minister of Greece Kyriakos Mitsotakis focused on that the framework will be running in the country before the cutoff time of July 1 that Brussels set, which has ended up being valid.

Also, during the dispatch of the visa in Athens, Mitsotakis encouraged other EU nations to open for the mid-year season to help travel and the travel industry recuperate from the monetary misfortune brought about by the pandemic.

The European Union has set up the EU COVID-19 Vaccination Passport in a bid to reestablish safe travel inside the alliance.

Coronavirus Situation in Greece

Like the other European nations, Greece has been seriously hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, the nation has had the option to monitor the circumstance by forcing cross-country lockdown measures.

As of June 21, Greece has enlisted 417,253 COVID-19 contamination cases and 12,494 passing.

The nation has controlled in any event 7,446,861 COVID-19 antibody portions, with a pace of around 97,057 dosages each day during the last week. This implies that around 41.7 percent of the populace have gotten at any rate one portion of the antibody, though about 29.6 percent have been completely immunized.

Antibodies that are offered in Greece incorporate Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, Oxford-AstraZeneca, and Johnson and Johnson.

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