South West Monsoon Winds Likely To Arrive Over Kerala – Positive news from the Indian meteorological centre 2021

South West Monsoon winds Likely To Arrive Over Kerala: The southwest monsoon is expected to arrive on May 31 this year, according to the Indian Meteorological Department. The onset of the southwest monsoon is expected to be triggered by changes in the Andaman Sea and prevailing winds, according to the Indian Meteorological Department.

From June to September, India experiences the southwest monsoon season. October to December is the northeast monsoon season. Since the monsoon has been natural for the past two years, the dams are overflowing.

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South West Monsoon Winds Likely To Arrive Over Kerala 2021

Over the past two years, food grain production has also been abundant. The South West monsoon & winds was strong, and agricultural production of paddy and food grains was good, despite the job losses during the corona era. For the third year in a row, the Indian Meteorological Department predicted a regular southwest monsoon in April.

The South west monsoon season in the country 2021
The southwest monsoon is forecast to be 98 percent of the long-term average when it starts in June this year. Except for eastern and northeastern India, which includes Odisha, Bihar, Jharkhand, north-Chhattisgarh, eastern Uttar Pradesh, and Assam, the Indian Meteorological Department has predicted mild rainfall in all parts of the region.

The South west monsoon will start on May 31 2021 
It has been confirmed that the current year's monsoon will begin on June 1. The monsoon is expected to begin in Kerala on June 1 this year, according to the Indian Meteorological Department.

Monsoon begins in the Andamans 
From 2005 to 2020, the Indian Meteorological Department has predicted the arrival of the southwest monsoon. With the exception of 2015, the projection has been spot on. Monsoon rains would arrive first in the southern Andamans.

The rain began one day before
After that, in the Bay of Bengal, the monsoon winds turn northwest. In Andaman area the south-western monsoon normally starts on 22 May. The new monsoon is therefore predicted for 21 May. In this respect, in Kerala and other parts of India the monsoon seems to be set to commence one day before.

How is the monsoon
Detailed forecast and announcement for this moon are to be released by the Center for Weather at the end of the month. The new southwest monsoon was forecast by the Indian meteorological department last month. Therefore, the June-September monsoon season produces natural rainfall.

What percentage of rainfall 
It's 98% rainfall. It is 5% more or less likely to go. The last phase was 88 cm long rainfall known as LPA between 1961 and 2010. The annual rainfall is 96 to 104 percent.

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Cyclone Tauktae LIVE: strong rains in the Mumbai, high winds, high tide at 03.44 P.M.
News and LIVE Updates for Cyclone Tauktae: The rain is strong, along with winds in Mumbai and its surrounding areas, such as Thane, Palghar et al. "Tauksae." So far no death has been notified, but in many places the financial capital of India has confirmed trees being rooted. It also shut down the Mumbai Airport until 14:00 and stated that many aircraft were transferred to the capital. 

Because of the high-speed winds, BMC has blocked the Bandra-Worli sea connection for traffic and residents have to use alternative roads. The Municipality of Brihanmumbai is also a part of this.

The Central Railway's local train services were interrupted by the fall of a tree branch in a train headed towards neighbouring Thane between the suburban Ghatkopar and Vikhroli. The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA), the city's monorail services were suspended throughout the day as a precautionary measure.

Raigad is getting 23.42 mm of rain, 839 homes destroyed Cylcone Tauktae:
In the wake of cyclone Tauktae, which has also been enduring raging winds as long as midnight partially hit 839 homes, Raigad in coastal Maharashtra received 23,42 millimetres, a senior official said. Rainfall until 9am was Monday. 8,383 people belonging to 22,263 families living in houses on the seafront were evacuated in a precautionary measure after being released from the district collector's office. 

A 50-year-old female, named Neeta Naik, had been said to die on the roadside in Uran in the collapse of a wall. In this district, the release said a red warning was sounded.

Assistant Commissioner for Fisheries, Suresh Bharti, said that all boats out on board in the sea along the distrito's 240km coastline have safely returned and 25 boats in the district's Dighi Port were grounded from Mumbai.

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